A needed visit
Sara's taking two of the weeks she's got saved up off - granted some of it is sick time. Not only does she need this weekend with Catherine, but the recovery time following the surgery is necessary. What she isn't saying is that it is more serious than anyone realizes. The cysts are attaching themselves to her uterus, her fallopian tubes, and even her cervix. She was warned that this could happen, but this means that all of her reproductive system is going to be affected. She's in constant physical pain, which drains what energy her emotional state hasn't.

So she's got the weekend to get drunk with Catherine and then sometime, the idiot she's still legally married to will show up. The bed in the library is made up with clean sheets, the liquor cabinet is stocked, and she's even invested in new, comfortable lounge pants and a new t-shirt for the weekend. Her last touch is to slide her wedding ring back onto her finger. She's gotten used to not wearing it all the time, but around Catherine, she doesn't think she's ready to show just how far apart she and Gil have drifted. As the gold band slides onto her hand, she feels better. A little bit more grounded. She and Gil have to figure this out. They just do.

But before Gil arrives, she's got Catherine. She's not really used to having company, but it feels good. Now if only she can live into her promise to tell her life story. Maybe she can get Catherine drunk enough to forget it.

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