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saraannesidle's Journal

13 September
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Sara Anne Sidle (CSI: Into the Looking Glass)
The cards were stacked against Sara from the moment she was born to her paranoid schizophrenic mother and her alcoholic father. Beaten and harassed by both parents, Sara thought she'd found freedom when her mother snapped and killed her father. But what she'd hoped to be a release from trips to the hospital, yelling, and abuse became a nightmare when at fifteen, she was raped and impregnated by her foster brother. After giving the child up for adoption, Sara finally found a home with a foster parent who didn't let her feel sorry for herself. Early acceptance to Harvard gave her a bachelors in physics while her time at Berkley granted her a masters degree in forensic physics.

But patterns of behavior are established in early childhood and Sara's lovers were not ones to be remembered. Abusive or distant or both, Sara floated in and out of relationships while devoting herself completely to her life as a lab rat and later forensic analyst with SFPD. It was there she met the man who loved her, broke her heart, and in the end, saved her as much as she saved him. When he brought her to Las Vegas, she thought things would settle, but the adventure was only beginning.

It took five years and Sara's near firing for Gil Grissom and Sara to realize they wanted more than occasional comfort sex but an honest relationship. It took another two for their relationship to come to light to the graveyard team at LVPD. But after an encounter with a serial killer almost took her life, Sara fled Vegas for Costa Rica and Grissom found himself broken until he followed her.

Now married, Sara and Grissom do not have the most conventional of relationships. He spends most of his time on archelogical digs around the world and she has returned to Las Vegas as a forensic consultant for the LVPD. The consultant status allows her to take time as needed when research grants come through.

RPG: sixwordstories and openveinwriting